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I’m probably just jealous
I guess I’m getting lonely
I hid my feeling before, but I just can’t do it anymore

Maybe we are not suited to each other
It would be good if we are just friend
From one to ten, we never agree anything
How can we have a relationship?
People say we won’t be able to do it
I’ve been surrounded by those words and I don’t to be anymore

I didn’t realize how I felt about you
Why couldn’t I see?
It was right in front of me
That whole time you were right next to me
Why is it now that I finally see that it is love?

I think I love you
I think I love you that’s how it seems
Cause I miss you
Cause I miss you when you’re not arround
I can’t do anything except think about you
If I look at how things are I know

OST. Full House–terjemahannya–

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