Story of Religion And Ideology in The Middle East Class

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Firstly, I feel very impressive to join this class because I get knowledge deeper than before I understand about Arab-Israel conflict. I think, the reason Arab-Israel conflict is only religion, no more. In this case, on my point of view, The Muslims in Arab chiefly Palestine have been oppressioned by Jewish. But, I got wrong about this point of view and how superficial I am. I understand that Arab-Israel conflict is complicated and sensitive issue. Therefore, how the important understanding it properly.

In the second class, I found one of interesting materials such as The Balfour Declaration. The British foreign secretary, Arthur Balfour wrote letter to Lord Rothschild (a prominent figure in British Zionist circle) to inform him that the British cabinet had approved the following declaration of sympathy for Jewish Zionist. The Balfour Declaration was born by some factors such as the chance to secure British strategic interest to produce a British declaration support of Zionist objective in Palestine. The Balfour Declaration was fateful  but it was a brief document filled with such ambiguities and contradictions that it made confused all the parties.

Talking Arab-Israel conflict, it can not be detached from immigration. Jewish immigration and land acquisition the heart of the communal tension in Palestine. On the same time, I know that Jewish and Zionist are different. In this case of immigration, the Zionist objective was to build up the Jewish population of the mandate through unrestricted immigration as to have a credible claim to the existence of national home in Palestine land. In order to settle and feed the immigrants. It was necessary to discover as much planted land as possible. Jewish immigration to Palestine land occurred in a connecting structure of waves called aliyah. The first aliyah began in 1904. The first and the second aliyah were happened before World War I and the third wave was happened from 1919 to 1923, it was composed of about 30.000 immigrants mainly from Eastern Europe. The immigration influx then slowed considerably until 1933 when the rise of Hittler and the Nazi Party precipitated the moving of Jews thousands from Germany and central Euorope.

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