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The Sense of Taking A Walk

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12802816_966673783414609_5333696642681364962_nI wear rok celana  😀

When I lived in Jogja, taking a walk was my main mode of travel. Every day during the week, I would walk to my campus for attending some classes and back again to dorm. While on the weekend -if I didn’t come home, Ngawi- I would walk to bookstore for wasting time, buying some books even just for reading 😀 or I would walk around Jogja city, for examples Malioboro, Beringharjo, Jogja Palace, Tamansari, and some museums.

My favorite walks however were during the twilight when the sky was turning into orange color, were after the rain fall when the air was turning fresher than before and sending the aroma and swirling in the windy air then the air will be filled with that particular scent of rain, earthy, and fragrant. Suddenly, it was changing the atmosphere to be more romantic than before to at the one time.

Taking a walk, whether alone or with friends (I often take a walk alone, it feels free) with no particular destination, except just to be happy because the fresh air is the one of nature’s gift for me as human beings truly delight in. In other hand, at the same time, I feel that I have been living in the polluted concrete jungle and increasingly depending on machines as mode of modern transportation, taking a walk is something awkward that becomes more and more alien on daily life in this modern era. I will commit with my habit: to get up a very earlier in the morning then take a stroll on the street nearby and enjoy the air which is still fresh.

I think, taking a walk especially outside in the open air can keep me grounded, savour living in the present and training the sensitivity feeling. Although I realize that taking a walk is back breaking for me. So, the sense of taking a walk is to find unexpected meaning in life. It teaches me about the patience to face something hard and how to stay alive in every single time of mine.

*accompanied by backsong: A Head Full of Dreams

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